Our New Look


It is with great anticipation that we unveil Authenticity B. Designs new branding. While our name and look are new, our mission, philosophy, and office location remain the same. We are privileged to work with so many supportive and talented vendors both within and outside of San Francisco. And, of course, we are forever grateful to our clients who have opened their homes and their lives to us. A special shout out to the talented graphic designer, Erik Olsen, who was our fearless leader through this transition process. Erik also owns and manages our beautiful office space and is a tremendous support to our team everyday. Thanks so much, Erik! 

Thank you to everyone who has had a part in making ABD Studio become a reality. We look forward to many more years of collaboration and creativity! 


*Photo Credit: Haley Golden // Graphic Design: Erik Olsen Design


{TGIF} Friday Inspiration


White Carrara marble backsplash and counters, cabinetry painted in 'Hague Blue' by Farrow & Ball, stainless steel Goose neck faucet, and a striking copper farm sink.... Sigh. What perfection! The success of this stellar Kitchen combo found in this East London flat is due to its spot-on colors, the subtle textures brought by the marble and wood, the balance of light/dark, and a beautiful reverence for both modern lines and vintage materials. The star of this design is the sink, a bold yet traditional choice. We're already imagining a dozen combinations with this beauty... and would absolutely love a chance to incorporate one into a future kitchen design.

TGIF, everyone!


TGIF {Mother's Day Edition}


Usually, Mother's Day is spent celebrating one's own Mum, but let's not forget that it is also a day to appreciate motherhood itself, the strength and importance of maternal bonds, and the role of mothers in society. Mothers can be many things, to different people, but often they are the emotional pillars, the queens of comfort, the nurturers, and the multi-taskers par excellence. We could not have anything without mothers.

This Sunday, we'll be honoring the mother figures in our life and appreciating all the ways they have given us love and support.

Happy Mother's Day and enjoy your weekend, everyone!


ABD Field Trip: Oscar De La Renta


There is nothing quite like seeing the detail and handiwork of a garment up close. The Greats in fashion have an unparalleled finesse for layering pattern, color, and texture; they also truly understand the importance of proportion and balance. In many ways, the process of creating a clothing collection or a single fabric can mimic that of interior design. It is one of our many muses and it is always an energizing experience to see a fashion designer's life's work in-person. 

This is why we could hardly wait for our monthly team field trip to see the Oscar de la Renta Retrospective at the DeYoung. The exhibit spans decades of his varied collections, which are all separated by different rooms that hit you with their own unique energy. While walking through, we could hardly stop ourselves from wanting to reach out and touch the fine work cascading off the mannequins. La Renta, a native of the Dominican Republic, lived in Madrid, Paris, and then New York, where he eventually launched his career and incredibly successful ready-to-wear line. He is probably best known for his evening wear collections, which have been donned by some of the most powerful women in the world -- among them every first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy and film/fashion stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker.  His mission was to epitomize the meaning of feminine elegance, and truly wanted -- more than anything-- for each woman to feel at her best and most powerful while wearing his clothing. His designs are as exuberant and colorful as the man behind them--  his love of the Caribbean, Madrid, the English gardens, and cultures from around the world are all boldly represented with a singular style and refinement that could only be Oscar de la Renta. Have a look below at our favorite pieces from the museum (that we were dying to try on!) and don't miss this show that will only run until the end of this month.